Surfing 101: Surfboard Types & Sizes

While you might think all surfboards are essentially the same, when you look closer, you will notice the differences. Before you launch yourself on the waves, it’s important to understand the different types of boards and where they’re best suited. After all, every wave is unique, and you want to

Best Surf Spots In Merimbula & The Sapphire Coast

Australia is home to show-stopping beaches and world-renowned surf, and the south coast of New South Wales ranks among the greatest locations for quality waves. This region is home to numerous fantastic beaches, point breaks and bars which offer a wealth of fantastic opportunities for surfers to enjoy, regardless of

Raging Bull Surf Merimbula Classic

The members of Merimbula Sailboard Club have been busy preparing for our 39th event. We have had great assistance from The Chilli Group who have done up our website and made the fabulous video which has been showing since the 38th Classic finished.

Introducing the Big Red RBS Bus

The Raging Bull Surf Big Red Bus is here!