Curtis Snyder

Rage On with Curtis Snyder – Curtis is a Big Wave Enthusiast from Paia Hawaii.

Curtis Rages in BIG SURF and we are stoked to have him in our Raging Bull Family! Curtis is originally from Wilmington North Carolina and grew up chasing hurricane swells on the Outer Banks of North Carolina through to Florida on the East Coast of America.

A trip to Mavericks gave Curtis a taste of the Really Big Stuff and from his first session there it became his obsession to chase Big Swells around the World. Curtis now lives in Paia, Maui just a short drive to Jaws where he will be found when the big swells hit. Big Waves that Curtis has Raged On include – Jaws, Mavericks, Teahupoo, Tres Palmas in Puerto Rico, G-Land, Puerto Escondido and many more!

Stay tuned as we follow Curtis Raging On some of the World’s Biggest Surf.