Surfboard Fins

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What Are Surfboard Fins?

Surfboard fins are specifically shaped accessories made of plastic, carbon fibre or fibreglass that attach to the bottom of a surfboard. Like a rudder on a boat, fins help change direction in the water, making your board easier to control. Fins come in many styles and shapes, each offering their own benefits to improve your surfing experience.

Why Are Surfboard Fins Important?

Surfboard fins are important tools to enhance how you approach and ride waves. These small, three-sided accessories can make a big difference and should be customised to your particular preference and ability level. Some considerations when choosing fins include:

  • The number of fins a board allows
  • The construction, material and shape of the fin
  • The type of waves you want to ride
  • Your ability level and skill

Types Of Surfboard Fin Configurations

Surfboard fins are available in a wide range of configurations. The option you choose depends on your preference, skill and requirements. Some examples of the types of fin configurations you can have include:

Single Fin

A single fin in the middle of a longboard is the traditional option. This singular option allows for stability and predictability. One fin is a good choice for beginners, allowing for a fast, straight line with no added complication.

Twin Fins

Twin fin surfboards have greater speed than single fins. However, this speed sacrifices stability. If you plan to take on shorter waves, the twin fin is better suited to these than the larger surf, where these fins can struggle to maintain balance.

Thruster Fins

Thruster fins include twin fins and a centre fin, allowing speed and stability. Many modern boards come with thruster fins. As the best of both worlds, these fins allow for speed and practicality with excellent control for day-to-day use.

Quad Fins

Quad fins place two fins on either side, creating speed and helping to maintain control. Advanced surfers may upgrade to quads to advance their skill. Speed, power and drive make quads a good option for anyone that’s progressed beyond amateur level.



Which fins are right for my board?

The classic option for most modern boards is the thruster configuration. If you want an all-rounder, this solution ticks all the boxes. Want something more specialised? Speaking to our expert team is the ideal way to gain insight into which fins are best for you.

Do I need to use fins?

Some surfers choose to use no fins to go completely old-school with their surfing. It’s all down to personal preference. If you want to add control and speed, we’d recommend giving fins a go to see if you like how they feel.

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