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Fed up with wet and sandy car seats or with being super careful getting back into your car after a surf session? Keeping your car seats clean, dry and protected is key to ending your evening successfully after a full day on the beach. Our neoprene car seat covers are the perfect match for your wetsuit, allowing you to get in and out of your vehicle without leaving the seats wet, sandy or sweaty:

  • Tough 5mm Neoprene Car Seat Cover
  • Protects Car Seats from Water, Sunscreen, Dirt, etc.
  • Easy to Install and Remove
  • Fits Most Car / Van Seats (excludes seats that house air bags)
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Keep Your Car Clean No Matter Where You’re Heading

Specifically designed to fit a range of vehicles, these unique branded covers keep salt, sunscreen and sand off your seats. Whether you’re surfing alone or spending a day on the beach with the whole family, our neoprene seat covers are the ideal protection. With easy installation and removal, it’s simple to stow the car seat covers in the back and bring them out again for that next big beach trip.

Why invest in wetsuit car seat covers? Here are just some of the substances a good seat cover can protect your vehicle from:

  • Seawater
  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Dirt and grass
  • Sweat
  • Sunscreen
  • Food and drinks
  • Pet hair

Shop Wetsuit Car Seat Covers Today

Our wetsuit car seat covers are the perfect place to start if you want to keep your vehicle clean and clear. Purchase online directly, or visit our local store in Merimbula to pick up a set today.

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