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Surf Shop

Made For Surfers, By Surfers

Raging Bull is a surfshop designed for every generation of surfer and beachgoer. Whether you’re a Merimbula local or browsing our surf selection online, we stock the ideal apparel to make the most of the sea, sun and surf. Our range includes apparel for men, women and kids, plus all the accessories and equipment you need.

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Surf Your Way With Raging Bull

Why blend in when you can stand out? Our range of products at Raging Bull includes everything you need for a successful day on the waves, from functional accessories to attractive apparel. Whether you’re a veteran, introducing newcomers to the lifestyle or stocking up on essentials, we have everything you need in one place.

Stylish, Functional Surfwear

Our surfwear covers various ages and sizes to help you live your best life inside and outside of the water with the right gear. From practical board shorts to catch those waves to hoodies for beachside nights, our clothing range covers everything you’ll need to make a day of your next surfing adventure. With stock for children and adults, we cover all bases.

On-brand Accessories

Surfing essentials are more than just the clothes you wear. As surf enthusiasts, we stock all the kit and accessories you need to stay safe and get maximum enjoyment. Our stock includes:

Browse Online Or In-store

Catching waves in the Merimbula area? Visit our local flagship store to discover what we have to offer. Or, if you’re sticking to different shores, our online store provides everything you need with free Australia-wide shipping. Browse our selection now.


Why should I shop from a local surf brand?

Unlike large chain surfing brands, our commitment at Raging Bull Surf is quality, not quantity. We want to deliver the best quality materials to our customers. In fact, we ourselves use all of the same items from our store as all other local surfers to prove how great our products are.

What brands do you stock?

Most of the surfwear and items we stock online are explicitly created for the Raging Bull brand. This personalisation means you get the a high-quality and entirely unique products that you can’t get elsewhere. We provide everything under the Raging Bull name from longboards to leashes.

Where are you located?

Our flagship store is located at 39 Market Street, Merimbula in New South Wales. Why not drop by to visit us if you’re in the area? Or shop our range online to order it directly to your door.